The Lake of the Woods District Property Owners Association (LOWDPOA) is a vibrant membership-driven organization focused on the sustainability of lake life in our region.

LOWDPOA Lake of the Woods District Property Owners Association

1962 – 2013. For more than 50 years the Lake of the Woods District Property Owners Association has worked together to sustain one of the most beautiful places on earth, and to ensure the experiences we cherish will be passed on to future generations.

Our membership includes not only part time and permanent residents within the Lake of the Woods District, but also those who simply have a keen interest in protecting this beautiful area for generations to come. Members come from around the world to spend time at their special place in the Lake of the Woods District that spans from the Manitoba Border to Vermilion Bay, well north into the smaller lakes and down to the US border.

What brings us together is our shared passion and concern about the overall watershed environment and experience; the state of our lakes, forests, fisheries and communities.

LOWDPOA is active in programs ranging from: environment related initiatives, economic development in the region, member education & communication and fair taxation for waterfront property owners.

Why would I join LOWDPOA?

Do you love the lake? Do you love lake life? Do your children love the lake? Do you live and work in lake country?

Then you should join LOWDPOA; the only group in the watershed specifically focused on representing the interests of members who share a common passion for lake life. ‘Lake life’ includes issues related to property values, taxation, land use and development, our communities, environmental impacts such as water quality, fish and wildlife habitat and ensuring our overall enjoying of our surroundings.

With 1 ½ staff members, 15 directors and close to 4000 members, we are the largest association of its kind in the province of Ontario; a powerful force in Northwestern Ontario and beyond.

We are not limited to waterfront property owners and we are not limited to Lake of the Woods.

Our membership includes part time and permanent residents, as well as those who simply have a keen interest in protecting this beautiful area for generations to come. Members live in the area or may come from around the world to spend time at their special place in the Lake of the Woods District that spans from the Manitoba Border to Vermilion Bay, well north into the smaller lakes and down to the US border.

We can act on member interests with our collective voice or empower individuals to enable them to better represent their own interests. We are your eyes and ears; plugged into what’s happening in the area as it relates to member concerns and keeping you informed.

Benefits of LOWDPOA Membership – We’re much more than a magazine subscription

Solidarity: Speaking with a collective voice we advocate on topics such as land use planning, taxation and environmental concerns.

As the representative of an important constituency in the watershed, LOWDPOA is invited to actively participate in a wide range of area initiatives including:

  • International Joint Commission’s Citizen’s Advisory Committee,
  • Ministry of Natural Resources citizens’ forestry planning committee
  • City of Kenora Environmental Advisory Committee
  • Area Zone fishing regulation review committees
  • City of Kenora Water Resources Centre working committee
  • Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Association Board of Directors & Land Use Planning Committee
  • Kenora and Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation Nominating Committee
  • Provided input and review of the Sioux Narrows Nestor Falls Zoning by-law
  • Lake of the Woods Water Control Board citizens committee
  • City of Kenora Tourism Re-branding project
  • Clearwater Bay Restricted Area Order Appeals Board

In 2009, we led a campaign against the new process of using market value property assessments to value provincial tax levels. In 2014/15 we are taking part in the provincial review of the existing Provincial Land Tax.

In 2012 we added our voice in the fight to save the Experimental Lakes Area. We continue to support their efforts and offer member tours to the facility

In 2010 we successfully fought to ensure that seasonal residents had an opportunity to comment and offer input into the route planning for the twinning of highway 17 between the Manitoba border and the City of Kenora.

In 2014 (ongoing) we provided our members with balanced information regarding the proposed Energy East pipeline project and provided comments/concerns in our submissions to the Ontario Energy Board.

In 2014 we launched our LOWDKids in the Wild program focused on passing our love of lake life on to the next generation. LOWDKids offers education, events and opportunities for kid-focused, interactive communication.

Information and Resources: LOWDPOA provides education opportunities on topics of interest to members via the LakeSmart program, seminars, website, facebook page, Lake of the Woods Area News magazine and the LOWDKids website.

Tree seedling and potted tree programs: This members-only program has planted more than 300,000 trees of various species, ensuring the sustainability of our local forests.

Annual Lake of the Woods Cottage Show: where you can find all you’ll need for lake living under one roof

Member communication – Keeping you in the know

  • Lake of the Woods Area News Magazine: 5 issues of the most informative & entertaining read focused on lake life in the watershed.
  • LOWDPOA Website: a valuable source of information related to LOWDPOA and the lake life we share. Here you will find not only timely notices and updates, but everything you need to know about topics like septic tanks, healthy shorelines, sustainable building, wildlife and water quality, to name just a few.
  • LOWDKids Website: An extension of our main website to help educate the next generation and get them excited about caring for their lake environment.
  • Timely eNews email blasts: When there is an issue or event that we know you’ll be interested in, we’ll let you know via our new email blast service.
  • LOWDPOA on facebook: Another way to stay in touch and communicate with us – or other LOWDPOA members. Here you’ll also find timely information on lake related issues and events.

Share your opinions, favourite photos and join the LOWDPOA community.

  • Pick up the phone or send us an email: If Susan or Hayley can’t answer your questions, they will find someone who will.

Members are our best ambassadors so the next time someone asks you why they should join LOWDPOA, we hope you’ll be ready with the answer. Remember as we look to the future; there is strength in numbers so please help keep LOWDPOA the same strong and active association it’s been over the past 50 years.


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